Sunday, March 7, 2010

XC skiing

Rachel and I went cross country skiing today. Specifically, we took a beginner class in skate skiing. Skate skiing is the fastest form of XC skiing and after watching the Olympics it looked fun.

However, this is a lot harder than it looks. Well, I think the videos of us might better show how tough it is (we do not make it look easy).

Rachel skiing LINK

Jeremy skiing LINK


Rachel said...

This was us at our best. We both took several spills and today I am paying for it.

Nancy said...

Where are the videos?? I got a server error message. Whassup? So I'm guessing I don't need to start saving for a trip to Russia in 4 years?

Jeremy Burlingame said...

Just added a link to YouTube if they arent showing up.

Kaitlin said...

thats cool, it is weird how everything around you is green but then there is this little path of white, was it really cold?

Jeremy Burlingame said...

its artificial snow on a golf course. Every winter this one golf course turns into a XC skiing course. The nice thing is its only 10 minutes from us.