Sunday, March 7, 2010

Scientists have determined what makes a perfect marriage

Scientists have determined the key to a happy marriage. I think Rachel and I might have a shot :)

The perfect wife is five years younger than her husband. She is from the same cultural background. And, please stare at this very carefully: she is at least 27 percent smarter than her husband. Yes, 35 percent smarter seems to be tolerable. But 12 percent smarter seems unacceptable. In an ideal world--which is the goal of every scientist--your wife should have a college degree, and you should not. At least that's what these scientists believe.


Rachel said...

I wonder if by "smarter" they mean more educated? Or did they literally take everyone's IQ?

Jeremy Burlingame said...

I just found the study online and it's based on level of education.

Kaitlin said...

great, I am actually 2.5 years older than Michael and we both have the same amount of education, although I was in University longer than him...I don't know if that counts