Thursday, March 4, 2010



Notice anything interesting about the picture above? Yeah, the ticket price is $ $100 bucks for us to see the show! Instead, we showed up 1 hour before the show started and ushered people to their seats and whala! We are volunteers and get to see the play for free! It is such a great gig, that we've done it 3 other times and have seen some great performances at the premier theater house in Boston! As you know, I am a huge advocate of volunteering, and here is just another example of some of the interesting benefits you can get by giving up some of your time. And for the record, Stick Fly was a great production!


Kathy said...

You're so right! what a great gig. I admire your resourcefulness!

love, Kathy

Jeremy Burlingame said...

Yeah, and we were in row B (better seats than the ticket pictured).