Monday, February 15, 2010

Bradford Valentine's Day Race

Rachel and I have been training for the Bradford Valentine's Day Race, which we completed on Saturday. It was pretty chilly out there (not such a big deal during the race as it is standing around waiting for the start). The course was hillier than we expected it to be, also there was a decent wind which made things a little more difficult.

We both exceeded our goals: Rachel averaged 9:09 miles over the 3.6 miles and I averaged 7:16 over 5 miles.We were racing in a husband/wife division (due to the Valentine's Day theme, this is not a normal category) and we got 19th out of 50 couples. If we were racing individually, Rachel would have placed 15th out of 38 and I would have finished 18th out of 40.

We're excited to start training for the next one!

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