Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winter Running

In order to embrace the winter this year, we had initially decided to try winter sports. We were planning on trying cross-country skiing! Snow Shoeing! These sports are inextricably related to snow, so in participating we would say: Come on Snow, come on cold weather!

Well, we haven’ t done either of those yet…BUT they are 1) still on our to-do list and 2) we are, rather than embracing the cold, ignoring it. Case in point: we are signed up to do the Bradford Valentine Road Race and as a result have been training for several weeks which also includes practicing outside in the frigid cold.

We are signed up in the couples division; Jeremy will run 5 miles and I will run a 6k (3.8 mi) and our times will be combined. Both of us are focused on improving our personal times. We both belong to the Boston University gym (I get a GREAT discount as a spouse) – it is an awesome gym with an indoor running track! This means after work we can do actual running, instead of training on a treadmill. On the weekends we bundle up and run outside in order to practice running “in the elements” as we will on race day.

Yesterday was the coldest we were out there, around 22 degrees, but real feel 5! It was COLD. With appropriate clothing (this includes running tights, base layers, fleece, gloves, hat) it can be done….but when we ran around the unprotected side of the reservoir, that wind was biting cold. At that point you start to question: Am I hardcore? Or am I an idiot? We have to run again today, the longest run we have planned before next Saturday (race day) and it is not going to be much warmer, so wish us luck!

For more information on the Bradford run, check it out here:


Nancy said...

Maybe "hardcore idiots"!! ;) Really admire you two!

Kaitlin said...

So the web site says the first 400 to sign up get a free long sleeve t-shirt. Are you two in that catagorie? It is cool that you get food after as well as a box of chocolates! Yummm! I have to work at IKEA on valentine's Day, Boooo. Oh well, I am making money...kind of.

Rachel said...

When we registered it didn't say one way or another if we are going to get a t-shirt, but I am with you and am excited about all the goodies!

Kathy said...

Good Luck to both of you! Let us know how it went.

love, Kathy