Saturday, December 20, 2008

Trunk: the rebirth

As mentioned previously, I got this old trunk off of Craigslist for $40 and it needed some work. Well, it needed more than "some". About 20 hours or so later of sanding and repairing and stripping and was done.

The brass hardware polished up nicely with steel wool and brass polish and looks almost like new. I couldnt find replacement hinges that were the exact same size, so I repaired the ones that it came with.

While we were originally going to use it as a coffee table, we found it worked better as a bench in our living room, inside is our collection of board games.

Again, here is the before picture:

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Nancy said...

Wow! Better than new 'cause you've spent time and energy on it!! Reuse-reduce-recycle! Congrats on the Peanut Butter project. . .we always knew you were the best and now it's proven by unbiased outside confirmation! nancy