Saturday, December 20, 2008


My team presenting at Best of the Best

On Wednesday, I wrapped up my last day of my first semester of Business school. Finals had ended about 10 days prior, but within that time, my team had to finish what is called the Integrated Project or IP.

My team was assigned in the beginning of the semester, and we had chosen Skippy Peanut Butter as our product to analyze and make recommendations for. A 25 page paper was due Friday the 12th. We've been working hard on it all semester long, but we had to do even more work to finish, and spend 12 hours Tuesday, 13 hours Wednesday and 23 hours Thursday to finish it by noon on Friday the 12th. But we got it done!

Next, we had a 20 minute presentation to prepare for, most of the work was already done in the paper, but we needed to create the powerpoint deck (or group of "slides").

We presented this Wednesday around 1pm, and everything went really well. We were very confident in what we had put together. Our group of five professors got together at 3pm and selected our team to represent our cohort, in whats called the Best of the Best.

Basically, there are three cohorts of 50 students. The best team from each cohort was selected to go head to head, of which the best would be chosen by outside consultants from major companies like Bank of America, Bain, McKinsey, etc.

Our Best of the Best presentation went well, and 45 minutes later it was announced that we won! Very exciting. There were about 25 teams, and we were the best. Our hard work really paid off.

Now, I have a little time to rest before it all starts back up again.

Celebrating later that team minus two people

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Kaitlin said...

Congratulations! You must be so excited and relieved! I thought the green label looked a lot better than the old brown one. I like the redone trunk you did! I can't wait to visit!