Thursday, August 14, 2008

Moving Process

The physical moving of the apartment was pretty difficult. With the two of us working at full steam, we unloaded the truck into our new apartment in 6 1/2 hours! We had several obstacles that prevented us from moving more timely and from beginning to end, here they are:

1. Steps leading up to the building door
2. Door that doesn't stay open
3. Steps leading up to a second building door
4. Door that is locked
5. Elevator door that does not automatically stay open - must be held open
6. Old timey rusty elevator gate that needs to be opened and held opened by hand
7. Hallway and locked front door

After awhile we figured out a system, part of which included keeping the first door held open by tying it back with an extension cord and the second door held open by wedging a saw underneath it!

We would then load up the lobby with boxes and then we would load our little handcart with as many boxes as would fit and them we would force the cart into the elevator. This was difficult because the cart barely fit and one of us would have to hold the door and gate open with our hands or feet while we were fitting the cart into the elevator. Then once we got to the top we would to the same thing as we got the cart out and then I would pull the cart to our door and Jeremy would grab any loose things that we had and haul them down the hallway as well. We did trip after trip and finally got everything into the apartment. The only thing that we took up the stairs was the mattress, because it wouldn't fit into the elevator. That night we were certain that we would have to dump our couch because it was still in the truck and we didn't believe that we would be able to get it up the stairs. I think we were partly delirious with exhaustion, and luckily our friend came over the next day and was able to help Jeremy get it up the six stories!

Messy living room

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Sarah Naomi said...

Beautiful place-I love the detail in the living room and the natural light...Makes me keep Boston on the "possible places to move to" horizon...but what a NIGHTMARE of a move in scenario! Dear LORD! Those stairs alone should get you both on the Olympics podium for all time most difficult move...haha...sorry, couldn't resist. Around our apartment, it's Olympic's Central! The hard part is over, now you get to organize and decorate! Yippee!