Sunday, May 9, 2010

Full Circle [California Here We Come]

 This blog is about to go full many of our readers know, this blog started as a tool to chronicle our trip across America as we made our trip to Boston. And now, we are about to set out on the road once more and make the trek back to the West Coast! This time around we won't be hauling a U-Haul, but will be driving the Passat. We also plan to dip just a bit into the south west and hope to check out the Grand Canyon along the way! Count down to departure is 11 days; we will be saying goodbye to Bean Town on May 20th.

Check back for more on our adventure back to the Sunshine State.


Kathy said...

you find the greatest links! love the song! glad you're coming home

Rachel said...

The song is by the band, Phantom Planet (w/awesome Jason Schwartzman on drums). I couldn't find their music video, but here they are on Letterman: