Monday, April 19, 2010

Dandelions versus Green Leaf Lettuce

So I was watching this video of a 94 year old lady who makes meals from the Great Depression:

And in it she mentions several times that Dandelion Greens are "good for you". Rachel and I eat a decent amount of salads and usually make them with Green Leaf lettuce, so I wondered are Dandelion Greens "good for you?" Are they better for you than Green Leaf lettuce?

Answer: Yes

Take a look at the image below comparing the two taken from Note: the amounts arent exactly equal, but even at the same quantity, Dandelion greens are pretty competitive.

Maybe we should be picking these out of our gardens. Also, if your response is that it is "dirty" or that there are a lot of pesticides in your garden, I'd venture a guess that there is less chemicals on your lawn than at the local farm.

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