Sunday, August 2, 2009

JFK Library

Jeremy and I went to the JFK Library with our friend TJ who was visiting Boston and was able to spend some time with us. It was a really cool museum with memorabilia, live footage, and videos that helped demonstrate the impact that JFK had on the US and what his life was like as a politician. Here are some photos:

Rachel at the 1960 Democratic Convention

Jeremy, amazed at the newfangled electronics

Recreation of the setting for the Nixon JFK debate - they had television screens running the debate on a loop

News magazines after the election

This cartoon reminded me of what many have said about Obama today

One of the original spacesuits

A replica of JFK's oval office - the televisions were playing clips of a Civil Rights documentary

TJ and Jeremy

JFK's actual boat - a present from his father


Nancy said...

The technology sure changed fast. That moon suit looks like it was made out of foil! Good to see photo of TJ. Is this somthing you'd go to again in Oct. or do we give it a miss? So much to see, so little time!

Rachel said...

It all depends on what else you want to do - you only have two days, so you will perhaps miss more than you will see!

Jeremy Burlingame said...

All in all, we both really enjoyed it. The museum did a great job of displaying the context in which Kennedy was President. All of his accomplishments (which we saw at the beginning of the tour) were bittersweet because we knew how the story ended.