Monday, June 29, 2009

Cape Cod

I have been wanting to go to the Cape since we've been in Boston. This past weekend was supposed to be really nice so Rachel and I booked a hotel on Saturday night in a town called South Yarmouth. Everyone told us that the traffic to the Cape was horrible, so we left at 7:30am on Saturday morning. We missed all of the traffic and arrived at about 9:30am.

Everything you've ever heard of the Cape as being a very uppity place is mostly true. Of course there were some not so uppity places as well, but by and large it was a very well to do area.

Other than being a vacation destination, the city on the very tip of Cape Cod, Provincetown, was where the Mayflower first landed. Yes, that Mayflower.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Rachel finding sea shells by the sea shore

Constitution beach where we spent part of the day Saturday

Unknown harbor; one of the many

That's NOT a hotel! And it overlooks the ocean.

Jeremy near a fish market

Monument to the Mayflower in Provincetown

B&B in Provincetown

Jeremy in Provincetown

Rachel in Provincetown

Flowers in Provincetown

Map of Massachusetts


Kaitlin said...

This looks so nice! It really does look how I imagined it. So is plymouth rock just the place in Provicetown where the Mayflower landed? Or did it used to be the name of the city? It looks like the weather was nice enough to go into the ocean, was the water nice enough? P.S. when are you going to post pictures of your new bedroom?? :-)

Jeremy Burlingame said...

Plymouth Rock and Provincetown are different (see the map I added to the post). My guess is that they first landed in Provincetown and then went to Plymouth. Plymouth is a historic site where they re-enact life in the 1600's. The water was "warm" in the bay where we were, but we didnt get in above our knees (although a lot of people were swimming).