Saturday, May 30, 2009

Trip to Wellesley

Today, Jeremy and I spend the afternoon in Wellesley, a little community outside of Boston - home of the famous all-women's college of the same name. It was great weather and the campus was expansive and beautiful. We also drove through the neighborhoods and the houses were New England fabulous, home to many famous people, like Celtic players and we dreamed away...

Cute little Wellesley Fire House

Big bird on the entrance gate of Wellesley College

Jeremy on the steps of the campus observatory

Campus sculpture

On the campus

The photo doesn't do it justice (this one's only $5.2m)

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Kathy said...

Beautiful people, in beautiful surroundings; that's a nice picture of the two of you. It's great that you're taking time to explore your East Coast "neigborhood"!