Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's Spring!?


It is April and things are starting to “warm” up. The snow has melted and all that remains are the huge, massive piles of dirty snow that have been shoveled into the corners of large shopping malls – mini glaciers that shrink a few inches every time we have a warm day. I won’t be surprised if we still see them well into May.

Things are going well here on the East Coast; Jeremy has about 5 weeks left of the semester which means he is almost done with his first year! He is in the process of nailing down his internship and has some promising and exciting prospects. We will both be pretty happy when everything is finished and so we can imagine and plan for the summer. He is also wrapping up his current internship that he had this semester and is working on his multiple bike projects.

Currently, at work I am in the middle of planning, along with my supervisor, our organizations first large fundraiser which will be in 6 weeks; there is a lot of work and it is good experience to be learning the ins and outs of this type of large scale fundraiser. I am also working on Easter Egg Hunt volunteer project for out toddler and preschoolers which should a lot fun!

Today was my first time as a Big Sister for the Big for a Day program I am volunteering for. I picked up 2 12 year old girls and took them to this month’s Big Sister event which was a sports clinic at Tufts University. It was a lot fun – we played hockey, basketball, soccer, and volleyball with the perspective women’s team members. My only complaint was that I spent at least the same amount of time driving around picking them up and getting to and from as I did at the actually event! Every month they do something different like visit museums, dance and sports clinics, etc. so I am looking forward to volunteering again.

And Olive…she is doing great!

* Disclaimer: The flower pictured was taken in Oregon - currently Boston only has crocus


The Fredy Family said...

Hey Rachel! This is Aimee (megans friend from Chico - Aimee and Mike) anyways found your blog off of Megans. I didn't know you were in Boston! How is east coast living?

The Fredy Family said...

I made the book through

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Kathy said...

I love opening my emails and finding that you have a new entry. Happy Easter!

love, Kathy