Wednesday, August 6, 2008

were stopping short today

We decided to only drive 9 hours today instead of 10 and are staying in the Super 8 in North Platte, NE.

More to come!!!!


Nancy said...

Yesterday was such a looooong day I don't blame you for stopping a bit sooner. How did Olive do in the Hotel room? Did she sleep under the bed as usual? Is she drinking water today? Aren't you glad you're not doing this on an ox cart or covered wagon? I guess you're seeing more scenery this time out, last time you were in the back seat watching "The Little Mermaid" over and over and over. . . Love, Nancy

Sarah & Katy said...

I read your adventure with poor Olive and had to give you many kudos for fast thinking-our kitty did exactly the same thing on a cross country trip from East to West (NY to OR) and it is panic-making! Good job detectives, in sorting out the mystery of the hot kitty! Many moons from now, perhaps from the vantage of a very comfortable chair, you will sigh over these make sure to get in some trouble-those make for the best ones!
Keep up the lovely writing-can't wait to hear more...