Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our Drive to New York

Another long day is finally over! Today we started in Indiana and made our way through Ohio, Pennsylvania, and finally into New York. Some highlights included seeing Lake Erie! I convinced Jeremy to take a minor detour for our lunch break so that we could see it up close. We also drove parallel to it while driving through Cleveland. This drive was much more pleasant than some of other days because the scenery was varied. Through the first half of Ohio, we saw a lot of "homesteads" complete with barns and silos. Many, however, were dilapidated with sagging roofs and and peeling paint. The second half of Ohio and throughout the rest of the drive, especially New York, was very green. There were trees lining both sides of the highway - I even caught glimpse of some deer! Coming into Henrietta we got caught in a heavy rainstorm; much worse than the ones in Nebraska. It was raining so hard is sounded like little rocks hitting the truck. Poor Olive woke up at that point and starting meowing and meowing, but she has forgotten all about it now as she is cuddling on the bed with us.

We thought that we might be able to unload the truck tomorrow, but we aren't going to get in early enough. Plus this drive has been killing us, so we are going to need to have a nights rest before we start the next part of great adventure. Jeremy and I were talking today about our trip, and we both have this feeling like we are on this weird vacation and not a cross country move. It will be nice to actually be in Boston in our new place so that we can begin to feel like home. Less than 48 hours to go!!

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Sarah Naomi said...

I've always wanted to drive across our *glorious* nation, but haven't had the opportunity...I'm glad I got to hitch a virtual ride with you guys-I'm excited for your next adventure as you settle into Boston!