Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nebraska's Dinner Salad

Unfortunately we didn’t make it all the way to North Platte yesterday. Instead, we stopped short at Kimball, Nebraska because we were being chased by thunderstorms and we were both exhausted from the night before. This particular Super 8 claimed to have free wireless, but we weren’t able to connect, in fact, we didn’t have any cell phone reception either! Overall, we recommend that you avoid Kimball and this particular Super 8 all together, but it was here that we learned that ordering a salad from a diner in the Midwest is very different from ordering one on the west coast. I was craving vegetables at this point and so Jeremy requested more information on the cryptically titled “dinner salad” when he called to place an order:

Jeremy: Hi, yeah I would like a burger and a BLT.

Staff: Ok, anything else?

Jeremy: Yeah, could you also tell me what’s in your dinner salad?

Staff: *silence*

Jeremy: *silence* uuhhh, well, how big is the salad?

Staff: It’s pretty small

Jeremy: ok. Well if I wanted a big salad, which one would I get?

Staff: The dinner salad

Jeremy: oook

At this point, Jeremy was throwing his hands up at me and we decided just to get the salad. The meal, was to say the least disappointing, but the salad was down right laughable. I included a picture, because words wouldn’t do it justice. Looking back, according to the woman at the restaurant a question like “what’s in your salad” must have sounded pretty stupid. I could imagine her thinking: “Uh, what’s in the salad? Salad! Otherwise we would just call it coleslaw or French fries”.


Kathy said...

Joe and I had a good laugh over the salad dialog, (which could have been a Seinfeld skit). Rachel, you're a great historian; from the way you write, we can even hear Jeremy on the phone with the restaurant.

I imagine you can look forward to great salads once you reach Boston!

love, Kathy

Sarah said...

My favorite part?
"oook..." Runner up? Your tongue in cheek recommendation against the Super 8 motel. Note to self: should I ever find myself in said tiny town, avoid, avoid, avoid.
oh my god-so funny! That salad is the saddest salad in the whole world. It looks like the bedraggled remnants which didn't make last year's Mcdonald's salad...! Poor Rachel-apparently you're just going to have to wait a little bit longer to satisfy that craving ):