Saturday, August 9, 2008

Henrietta NY

We made it to Henrietta NY. 500 miles or thereabouts. Thats a fairly long distance really and I can feel it. Were in a Microtel hotel which is actually fairly nice despite the weird silicon valley name. It sounds like Alcatel-Lucent merged with Microsoft to create some super tech company. But its nice.

We traveled through a big rain storm today, which scared Olive. Overall though, she's been doing a great job, better than expected.

Tomorrow is "only" 385 miles (thats Sacramento to Los Angeles). This country is so wide!

Anyway, we are tired and ready to begin the next leg of the move---the unpacking and moving in.

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Kathy said...

So is Miss Olive (or is it Ms. Olive?) asking, "are we there yet?, are we there yet?

I've also been meaning to ask, how did she do with potty breaks?

I'm glad you're almost there, "only" 321 miles tomorrow?

love, Kathy